about altr ego

altr ego is founded by designer, Victoria Sabovitch. after being inspired by a kids bed sheet she saw while thrifting, her goal was to incorporate nostalgic memories into wearable designs.

these pieces are meant to inspire confidence and boldness. it takes more than a eye-catching piece to make heads turn, and so…

we dare you to find your altr ego - the loudest, proudest, most unforgivable you.

where it started

one of Victoria's favourite designers, Virgil Abloh, created his brand with the intention to inspire and motivate creativity in others. in an interview she watched, he said "if you think OFF-WHITE is too expensive, thats great! you're supposed to make your own t-shirt brand". this inspired her to take her passion for sewing and turn it into a business. 

her other passion, thrifting, allowed her to take pre-loved items that have their own history and rework them to make new memories. 

the seamless marriage between sewing and thrifting allowed Victoria to create pieces that help people find their altr ego

  • biza

    these are such beautiful pieces… you can tell each piece is made with love. the hard work put into the branding, styling and design is truly amazing. Vic truly has an eye for art. i will be a forever costumer, i’m such a huge fan of altrego

  • jamie

    i honestly have the hardest time finding clothes that make me feel incredible ... and then I started wearing altr ego. i feel so confident wearing her pieces and love knowing that there's no two pieces that are the same!

  • bryn

    i’m constantly blown away by the quality and creativity of altr ego. i love discovering Canadian brands that are not only run with such love but with such unique and COOL pieces. keep it UP!

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